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Wax From Carpet

wax from carpet

A Bookmark

A Bookmark

First photograph introduced from the new flickr url: regulusimages. For those who don't know this is a continuation of the photographic-stream-of-consciousness know as When signing up the first time I didn't realize (or didn't understand the implications) that the url was unchangeable. Now in a time of needing it changed my only option is to start again at the beginning of the page. I don't particularly plan on resurfacing much of what was already on display at sirdarkwing but I'm sure a few images - especially those that are part of series that are not currently finished - will find there way in the back door. I hope you enjoy this next chapter.

My physical and creative energies in photography (like many other things in my life), tend to wax and wane over different periods and seasons. Even from one day to the next my total devotion & drive for a project will all but disappear. The days that really excite me are the ones when the moon has waxed to it's climax. When all ambition and drive are in my pocket and ideas come too fast to write them down. Photography is my air on those days, the water I drink and the pillow I sleep on. My purpose in life is clearer than anything in those moments. The night I took this was one of those time. The evening was late, the warm wind blowing in from the back porch, and all I wanted to do the rest of my life was capture. All this not to say that the photograph shown matches the moment, but the image reminds me when I'm not there to remember that it exists.

Peeper OOAK Necklace

Peeper OOAK Necklace

Currently available in my Etsy store (and Incube8r Gallery in Mosman, Sydney), see my profile for the link.
This piece was originally created back in 2009 and it has taken me all this time to complete it. It originally started life as a cuff ... but it was not to be. Introducting 'Peeper'.

Peeping from within a carpet of swaying Swarovski crystals is a vintage porcelain doll face. Peeper is surrounded by lots of Swarovski crystals 2mm (Golden Shadow) and 3mm (Jet)beads. The circular frame has been created using polymer clay, the textured surface of the frame has been highlighted with wax metallic paints to give it a lovely soft faux aged patina.

The circumference of the pendant has been beadwoven using peyote stitch, Delicas and Toho Treasure glass cylinder beads. The beading gently wraps around to the reverse of the pendant which has been sealed with fawn coloured Ultrasuede.

The necklace strap has been created using hard to source, smooth glossy Black Spinel tumbled gemstone beads, small faceted Onyx gemstone beads and facted glass beads. The clasp has been beadwoven and showcases two Swarovski 6mm bicones in Jet.

The Peeper Pendant is 6cm across or approx 2inches.. the necklace strap is 25cms or just over 9.5 inches

wax from carpet

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